The Cause Church is
real people,
completely in love with God,
unconditionally loving people,
passionately serving Him,
fully committed to bringing others to Jesus.

Pastors Bob and Sherry Reeve

Pastors Bob and Sherry are the founding pastors of The Cause Church. They are appreciated for their honest yet humorous approach to teaching God’s Word. You will laugh, learn, and grow as you participate in their teaching at The Cause.

Upcoming EVENTS

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What’s my NEXT STEP?

NEXT Steps is our interactive four-week journey of helping you discover your God-given purpose while connecting you to The Cause Church family. Below is a snapshot of the four steps. Let the journey begin!

Step 1: FOLLOW


The first and most important step is to have a relationship with Jesus.  Learn what it means to FOLLOW Jesus and find out what it means to be a member of The Cause Church.



Dive into the details of your unique personality and God-given spiritual gifts. Let these discoveries help you CONNECT to God’s family and to your life’s purpose.

Step 3: GROW


Learn habits that will help you GROW strong into a fully functioning follower of Jesus—one who lives a transformed life, develops a deeper relationship with Christ, and become spiritually healthy and mature.

Step 4: SERVE


Take a “Backstage Pass” tour of The Cause Church and connect with opportunities to live out your purpose and SERVE God on The Cause Team, making an eternal impact for Jesus in the lives of others.

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