The Cause Church is
real people,
completely in love with God,
unconditionally loving people,
passionately serving Him,
fully committed to bringing others to Jesus.

Pastors Bob and Sherry Reeve

Pastors Bob and Sherry are the founding pastors of The Cause Church. They are appreciated for their honest yet humorous approach to teaching God’s Word. You will laugh, learn, and grow as you participate in their teaching at The Cause.

What’s my NEXT STEP?

Next Steps is our simple and clear path for church connection and spiritual growth.

Step 1: FOLLOW

Step1-FOLLOWThe first, and most important, Step is to have a relationship with Jesus. This Class teaches you about the Good News of salvation, what it means to follow Jesus, and the power of being water baptized.


Step2-CONNECTIn this Class, you’ll discover the heart and passion of The Cause Church, including our vision, culture, and story, and what it means to be a Member. You’ll also find out how to connect to the right small group and make friends.

Step 3: GROW

Step3-GROWThis Class will help you learn and put into practice five essential habits of every follower of Jesus. It is through these habits that we grow a deep relationship with Christ and become spiritually healthy and mature.

Step 4: SERVE

Step4-SERVEThe purpose of this Class is to help you understand how God has created and designed you with a unique personality and has given you spiritual gifts in order that you may serve Him. As you discover this, you’ll find that there is a “Serve Team” at The Cause where you can make an eternal impact for Jesus Christ in the lives of others.

What we’re saying…

Conferences and Key Events

kbp-logoYup. We’re the people who put on Kidz Block Party. It’s a lot of work, but we love our community and want to share the light and love of God on a night typically celebrating all things dark and fearful. Kidz Block Party is on October 31 from 5pm to 9pm.

WomensConfOur Women’s Conference prayer is that our ladies all will be more fully awakened and receptive to God’s incredible love, experience His presence more deeply and intimately, and His Holy Spirit to quicken us to understand our value and purpose.

EQUIPlogoEQUIP is The Cause Church’s annual multi-day, all-church conference that will help equip you through practical teaching and dynamic ministry to live successfully and powerfully for the Cause of Christ.

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