At The Cause Community Church, we value selflessly serving others. We value courageously obeying God and going OUT to our community, the country, and nations beyond. Get involved in GOING out to share the love of Christ with our world!

Living in the Zone

1:8T Concept

The Holy Spirit is poured out not only for our benefit, or even just the Church’s benefit, but also for power and boldness in witness.  “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8 NKJV).  The scriptural priority in the work of evangelism is clear: first local evangelism (Jerusalem); then regional (Judea); cross-cultural (Samaria); and worldwide (to the ends of the earth).

The Acts 1:8 directive is embraced at The Cause:

Your Sphere of Influence = The call of every believer to reach their immediate circle of influence, or their “Jerusalem.”

Regarding Community Action:

We must never settle for our own comfort in a world beset by serious problems such as moral decay, violence and crime, political oppression and corruption, and unjust distribution of wealth.  The Cause Community Church is called to be a voice of compassion and yet at the same time of prophetic protest against all forms of evil.  We do not identify with any particular political party, nor do we seek to manipulate political power to impose our own standards on a secular and pluralistic society.  Nevertheless, we believe the Bible and the Kingdom of God offer solutions to the problems facing the world today, and we will say and do everything that is morally appropriate to bring about the implementation of these solutions.

Community (Local) Outreach = The change to every believer to be a positive impact on their particular community, or their “Judea.”

Cross-Cultural Missions and Ministry = The challenge to every Christian to reach beyond the comfort of their own environment and reach cross-culturally across ethnic, geographical, political, and socio-economic boundaries by having a heart for the North American continent, or our “Samaria.”

International Missions and Ministry = The commitment to reach our world either through direct missions involvement or indirectly by supporting the worldwide missions efforts both inside and alongside the work of The Cause Community Church; this is “to the ends of the earth”.  We call our international missions efforts “1:8T Missions” (the “T” stands for “Teams”), based on the vision of Acts 1:8.

It is our conviction that every Christian is called to “live in the Zone.” In other words, to realize that whether or not one is a missionary to some exotic foreign land, we are all called to reach our “Zone” for Christ.