We have four commitments to help you become UNSHAKEABLE:

1. Attend church for 6 straight weeks, live campus or online community (thecause.tv). Here’s the topics for the weekends:

9/29-30 – Fellowship/connections
10/6-7 – Knowledge (apologetics)
10/13-14 – Faith
10/20-21 – Commitment
10/27-28 – Love and Generosity
11/3-4 – Invite Weekend (Invite your family and friends this day)
2. Read Bible daily using Grow Journal (get one at church for $5).
3. Pray for 5 minutes daily.
4. Connect at The Cause by one (or more) of the following:

a. Joining a Connect Group
b. Serving on one of The Cause’s Teams
c. Volunteering at a Pop-Up Party on October 31

Let us know that you are committing to the Unshakeable Challenge by texting
“UnshakeableChallenge” to 555888 or emailing “Unshakeable Challenge” to judy@thecause.cc and you’ll receive a daily devotional throughout the Unshakeable Challenge!

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