#RelationshipGoals – May and June

We all long for genuine connection in relationships. Whether you’re single or married, this series will help give you practical tools on how to love the most important people in your life. The series will conclude on Fathers Day Weekend with a Marriage Conference.


Also as part of our series, we are going to be doing a “Life Hacks” Video Contest! A “hack” is a short-cut, skill, or an easier, quicker way to do something. “Life Hacks” are tips or short-cuts to making every day things we do in life easier or quicker.We are asking you and your friends or family to come up with a video giving us some life hacks, that are to do with this series.

For example, you might come up with 5 Relationship Hacks when dating. Or 6 parenting hacks. Anything to do with love, marriage and relationships. Each week we will show one of the videos, and if your video is shown you will win a prize! Your video can be funny, but doesn’t have to be.

Here is an example of a “Life Hacks” video on some parenting tips.


  • Video’s must be no longer than 1 minute max.
  • Try to consider which weekend you think your video will best fit in with based on the preaching topics below. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure what weekend it would fit into, send it in anyway and we can decide.
  • All video’s must be received by the Wednesday of the same weekend you think it is applicable for. If you aren’t sure where it fits, please send it to us by Sunday, May 28.
  • Videos can be filmed on your phone, however in order to show the video on screen, the sound and quality need to be good.
  • You will win a prize if your video is selected.
  • Please send all entries to caz@thecause.cc or drop off on a flash drive to the church.
  • For any questions, please email Pastor Caz Sands at caz@thecause.cc or call 714.255.0930.

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