Pop Up Parties are The Cause’s Halloween alternative outreach that touch our neighborhoods with the light and love of God on a night typically celebrating all things dark and fearful.

Pop Up Parties Opportunities:

1. Pray

Let’s all pray for their success.

2. Serve

Here’s the cool thing about serving at Pop Up Parties: you can serve as a family, you can serve with friends, or you can serve with your Connect Group! This is a great opportunity to have fun together while serving others. Groups of 6-10 people make an ideal team to run a Pop Up Party.

3. Host

If you have the heart to reach your neighborhood and a location with lots of trick-or-treaters but need a group to help handle the workload, then open up your house and we’ll find a team to serve at it!

4. Fund

For $250 we can fund a site (rent a bounce house, have lots of great candy, and more!), partnering together to minister to our neighbors. If you’d like to give, just write “Pop Up Parties” in the memo line of your online donation or check.

How to Serve at a Pop Up Party:

• Lift up! Pray for the evening, the people helping you, the people stopping by your house

• Group up! Have people serve with you and share the weight of it. You can do it as a Connect Group or let us find volunteers.

• Candy up(grade)! Full size, king size, good candy (maybe a little Gluten Free options as well?!?)!

• Show up! Host it or serve at it. Pop-Up Parties use your front yard and don’t wait for kids to ring the doorbell.

• Light up! Lots of (flood) lights! Take away the “scariness” of ringing a stranger’s doorbell for kids and make your house bright and inviting!

• Post up! Write about it on your social media accounts.

Pop Up Parties Instructions:

Pre-Pop Up Parties
  1. Pray – ask God to give divine appointments every step of the way – from handing invite cards out to neighbors before, to conversations on the night of the Pop Up Party, to your neighbors visiting the church the weekend afterwards.
  2. Tell your neighbors – drop off cards around your neighborhood letting them know you’ll have a bounce house and games at your house for kids on Halloween. Come on out and hang out with you.
  3. Put the yard sign up – make sure it is visible. Use it as a talking point for neighbors. Leave it up until the event is done.
  4. Prepare your place – remove tripping hazards; make sure you have power where needed; have game(s) easily accessible and make sure they work correctly.
  5. Reserve a bounce house (the church will reimburse you for the rental – if you need recommendations, let us know) – Have the bounce house from 4pm-9pm. Why a bounce house? Because, if your front yard allows, it is an attention getter. Have a simple sign posted “Jump at your own risk :)”
  6. Post on Facebook, “Nextdoor”, or some other neighborhood site inviting people
At Pop Up Parties
  1. Set up on time – set up outside by 5pm. Plan accordingly for the time you need to set up.
  2. Test everything again – have kids do it
  3. Be outside by 5:30pm or 6pm.
  4. Split up into teams and shifts with your group (i.e., one group serves while the other group rests; or one group serves while the other goes around the neighborhood with the kids).
  5. Invite people to church – utilize the handout by PUTTING IT IN THE CANDY BAG and saying something like “If you don’t have a church home, this is an invite to our church. We have a Cause Kids Carnival and In-N-Out truck this Sunday. You’ll love it and I can give you a ride there if you’d like!”
Post Pop Up Parties
  1. Thank everyone who served with you
  2. Break down all items
  3. Clean up
  4. Return game(s) to church on the weekend
  5. Return yard sign to church on the weekend
  6. If you have leftover candy, you can return it to church, take it to work, or give it away