At the end of 2004 we wanted to start a family and quickly learned that I had multiple medical problems that would significantly hinder or completely prevent us from having children.  The initial diagnosis came with the statement, “With all known medical technology used to help with fertility it will be highly unlikely you will ever conceive and if you conceive it will be impossible for you to carry a baby to term.”

We made the decision to proceed with medical help, believe God for miracles and continue to pray! We asked God for the impossible praying, “Lord, if the enemy is trying to rob us of even one child we would ask that you not only bless us with a child but that you would give us twins, one boy and one girl, so that when you answer it is undeniable that you are the one who answered us!”

We began to pray for our children by name.  Throughout our journey I had multiple surgeries and we were faced with “catch 22” situations: the surgery fixed one problem only to create another permanent problem.  We also experienced multiple miscarriages.

In 2007 we conceived and on November 22, 2007 our twins, son Isaiah and daughter Jael, were born!

My medical report only worsened after the birth of our twins.  I had an ectopic/tubal pregnancy in October 2010 that almost took my life; thankfully, God saved my life and my left fallopian tube (although we were told it was no longer functional).

We believed God for another baby and were already praying for the baby by name.  God spoke to my heart that we would conceive naturally and even though this made absolutely no sense in the natural realm, I believed Him.  And so it was!…and from my left ovary/fallopian tube!

I am a high-risk pregnancy and my doctors have watched me closely due to the medical history. My doctors now say, “We have no idea how this is occurring and if we did not know your history we would think you were normal.”  I have had a completely normal pregnancy!

My due date was on my twins’ birthday November 22, 2012.  However, as I write this incredible victory report I sit here more than a week over due with a healthy baby boy in my belly waiting to bring him into our family.

Another miracle is on the way!