GROW Classes:  Growing deeper in your walk with Christ.

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BIBLE HEROES & VILLAINS, PART 2 (taught by Richard Antekeier)
Tuesdays, starting April 18 (12 classes), 7-9pm
Synopsis: This class is a quick overview of the entire New Testament, covering all 27 books from the Gospel of Matthew to Revelation.  The class moves at a rapid pace and does not delve deeply into any single book.  Its purpose is to facilitate the students’ understanding of the organization, primary focus, mega themes, history, settings, and most vital scriptures of the New Testament books.  The class is meant augment the learners’ ease, comfort, and confidence in his/her approach to the Holy Scriptures.
Cost: $7 (for materials & refreshments)
Childcare: Yes
Room Location: Upstairs Conference Room


THE HOLY SPIRIT & YOU (taught by Cindy Ousterhout)
Tuesdays, starting May 2 (3 classes) , 7-9pm
Even the disciples were powerless until they received the baptism with the Holy Spirit! Discover what this means and answers to questions like, “What are your gifts?”, “How does God want to use you?” and “How is He using you now?”
Cost: $10 (for materials)
Childcare: Yes
Room Location: Room 3


IGNITE YOUR BIBLE STUDY (taught by Bethany Thompson)
Tuesday, May 9, 7-9pm
Synopsis: Discover new ways to ignite your faith, stir your should, and awaken your hunger for God. (Bring your Bible and colorful writing utensils.)
Cost: Free
Childcare: Yes
Room Location: Rooms 4 & 5 (formerly Assembly Room)


TAKING THE LAND (taught by Cindy Ousterhout)
Saturday, May 20 or June 24 , 9am-4pm
Synopsis: The Lord wants you to walk in wholeness and freedom from the devices of the enemy.  Come and experience the transforming power of God, and find peace and restoration for your soul.
Cost: $10 (for materials and lunch)
Childcare: No
Room Location: Upstairs Conference Room


PRECEPTS: ESTHER (taught by Dean & Judy Imes)
Tuesdays, starting June 13 (6 classes), 7-9pm
Synopsis:  What is your purpose?  Why does God place you in certain places during specific times?  God is sovereign, providential, and always working in the affairs of His creation even when we are unaware. Esther attained loyalty for “such a time as this.” She allowed God to use her in difficult situations.  Are you willing to do the same?
Cost: $15 (for materials)
Childcare: No
Room Location: Room 3