Day 24: The Gift of Jesus

A 25 Day Preparation for the Celebration of Christ

Every day leading up to Christmas, we’ll “unwrap” a gift from the Lord. Today’s gift is…

“The Gift of Jesus”


The Savior – yes, the Messiah, the Lord – has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David.  Luke 2:11 NLT

Christmas eve marks the final hours of waiting for the great unveiling of presents across the world. At last, you get to see what’s in the variety of boxes with your name on it. It is a fun – and sometimes funny – experience. Who hasn’t received a present and thought, “What is this?” One time, my redheaded grandmother took small clippings of her own hair, put it in small plastic bags, wrapped it in boxes, and “blessed” all her grandchildren with it…we all still chuckle at that one.

But the Present that meets everybody’s need was wrapped in swaddling cloths, not paper; the Gift was anticipated but there was no big unveiling; the Offering was not under a tree, but upon the lumber provided by a tree; God gave the greatest Gift of all.

Jesus, the baby born in a manger, initiated this annual worldwide celebration and gift exchange not through any deliberate intention other than to be a Giver. Out of the one Gift, comes unlimited giving.

He is indeed, the greatest Gift of all!

Merry Christmas Eve.

Today’s Challenge: Bring someone to church with you.

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