Day 22: The Gift of Perseverance (Part 3)

A 25 Day Preparation for the Celebration of Christ

Every day leading up to Christmas, we’ll “unwrap” a gift from the Lord. Today’s gift is…

“The Gift of Perseverance”


After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child.”  Luke 2:17 NLT

Receiving good news naturally makes us want to share it with others. Imagine how the shepherds felt when the angels came to them, announcing the birth of Jesus! Their response was to go and see this newborn King. After they witnessed the Savior, the Messiah (the Christ), they then went and told everyone what had happened.

It it interesting that the group the angels announced the birth of the Savior to were shepherds. After all, they were not respected and could not even testify in a court of law if they witnessed a crime. But still they knew the stories of the coming Messiah, the coming King. They may have told the stories while tending to their flock. Perhaps at times they even wondered if the promised Messiah was ever going to come.

When the promised Messiah did come though, they rejoiced, saw with their eyes the fulfillment of prophecy, and went and told everyone! And after this account, there is no indication that they stopped sharing the news of the message of the birth of Jesus.

What about us? Do we get discouraged and want to give up? The shepherds may have wanted to give up hoping that their Messiah would come – but he eventually came! This Christmas season, what are you hoping that the Lord will do in your life? What have you been praying for in recent years? And who are you praying will come to Jesus? Let the shepherds’ story encourage you that at any moment God can show up and change anything – and until then – be faithful.

Today’s Challenge: Post on social media about Jesus (maybe a verse, or share something about our upcoming Christmas Services, etc.).

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