Sure you want to retire some day…we all do. Here’s the info about The Cause Church’s 403(b) plan.

There is a lot of information that comes with 403(b) participation at The Cause. Briefly stated, all employees who work over 20 hours per week (1000 per year) are eligible to participate in the plan.

Download the retirement planning book to help you figure out your investment objectives. After completing this, or if you ever have any questions about your 403(b) plan elections, contact Bill Brandt ( or 1.970.667.5819) and let him know that you work at The Cause and want to go over your 403(b) plan.

Also fill out the Opt-In paperwork and turn it in the the HR department.

403(b) ROTH App

403b Standard App

Retirement Book

403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement