Need a Check Req? Download it here and fill it in with Adobe Acrobat (it will even do the math for you!). Just remember to attach all your receipts!

Check Req
Check Req Instructions:

Please note that check requisitions are processed on THURSDAY mornings. This means that if you have a check requisition it needs to be completely filled out and turned in by WEDNESDAY.

Here are some helpful tips on filling out a check requisition form:

Fill out the check requisition completely. • Please attach all receipts to the check requisition. When receipts are not attached copies of credit card statements may be used as a last step to show expense totals. If there is no receipt or record of an item’s expense it is considered wages and at the end of the year a 1099 will be sent.

• When having volunteers pay for any items the items and cost must first be approved by you.

• If you have volunteers turning in check requisitions for reimbursement, please review their requests and sign on the line that says “Overseeing Pastor’s Approval”. This ensures that you, as the ministry leader, know about the expense.

• Please note from which ministry/event/etc. the check requisition will draw the funds.

• Turn the check requisitions into the check requisition folder or my box.

Other notes:

• If you have a recurring check requisition (i.e., monthly support), please talk to me and we can figure out how to process it.

• We must have a W-9 filled out before we pay any independent contractors.

There is an electronic version of the check requisition, but it is meant to save you from handwriting the request and it totals the expenses for you (if you open it in Adobe Acrobat). However you decide to create the check requisition is up to you, but by creating any check requisition you are creating a legally binding document and are responsible for the accuracy of the content within it.

If a check requisition is not filled out completely or questions arise while processing it the check requisition will be held until the issue is resolved.

Please plan accordingly.