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Propel Women is an initiative that aims to help women fulfill their purpose, passion & potential. Propel exists to activate and refuel women living life on mission.  Propel will affirm the gifts and calling of God on your life, and acknowledge that you are an intricate part of God’s plan, whatever phase of life you may be in. We will help you to discover your potential – the untapped, God-given power in you to multiply all that you have been entrusted with. Propel will strengthen you to become an unstoppable force for His Kingdom. We are a community of women within the local church who gather together for connection, encouragement and sisterhood.
Who Is Propel For?
There is no age limit for Propel. Whether you are a teenager or a retiree, married or single, we celebrate all women. We will have women from all seasons of life share their wisdom, successes, and failures, and encourage ladies to grow their capacity, press on, move forward and increase their emotional quotient.When Does Propel Meet?
Propel meets at The Cause Church on the 3rd Thursday Night of every month at 7pm.  A typical meeting consists of teaching, discussion, connection, food, and of course, fun! Childcare is available.

1. Can I attend even if I’ve missed the first week or few weeks? Yes! You may attend at any point. It doesn’t matter if you have to miss a meeting either.
2. What happens on a typical Propel Night? We watch a DVD with teaching, then split up into smaller groups for discussion. We take an offering to help cover the costs of meeting, eat some delicious treats, and close with prayer. Childcare is available.
3. What is the cost for Propel? The only cost is for the workbook, which is $15, and not mandatory.
4. Isn’t Propel just for young, working women? No! It is for women of ALL ages and ALL stages of life. At Propel, we will discuss all kinds of issues that are relevant to women. If there is a topic you feel you know a lot about, then help guide other women who could use your wisdom and experience! This is part of what we aim to do at Propel, help women to create connection with each other where they can be mentored, encouraged and supported. Older women taking on younger women, younger women helping older women – we call this sisterhood!
5. Is Propel only for leaders? No. You will hear the word ‘leader’ mentioned, because we believe that no matter where we are in life we are all leading someone, whether it be our children, our colleagues, or even our roommates. There is always someone in your life that you have influence over.
6. Is Propel part of Women’s Ministry at The Cause? Yes, Propel comes under the Women’s Ministry and Pastor Sherry’s leadership. Just like Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study, Propel is simply another avenue for women to be ministered to. Propel will combine with all the other Women’s Ministry groups at things like our Annual Women’s Conference, and special events.

Propel Women is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. We will not be meeting in December.

Propel Women was started by Preacher, Author, Evangelist and Social Justice Advocate Christine Caine. There are Propel “Chapters” meeting in churches all over the world. The Propel Women main website is: and features articles, videos, resources and events.

Click here for a preview of the Propel Curriculum DVD.

On a Propel Night, we watch the Propel Curriculum DVD, then split into Discussion Groups where we discuss what we just watched, then watch part 2 and have some more discussion.

For more information on Propel, please contact Pastor Caz Sands at or 714.255.0930.