Life Groups’ Vision, Mission, and Culture

Vision: Why do Life Groups exist?
“Growing while sharing life together (Acts 2:42-47)”

Mission: What are Life Groups about?

  1. Fellowship: Sharing life together.
  2. Discipleship: Guiding and empowering others to walk as followers of Jesus.

Culture: The convictions that form Life Groups

  1. Community.
    • God created us for relationships and we grow in our relationship with Him as we care for one another and share our lives together.
  2. Intimacy with Jesus.
    • As members pray for each other and study God’s Word, they will live a more balanced and victorious life for Jesus.
  3. A reliable and safe experience.
    • Although each Life Group is unique, the “essentials” of fellowship, the study of God’s Word, prayer, and encouragement are non-negotiable elements of every Life Group experience.
  4. Authenticity.
    • Honesty, transparency, and freedom to be oneself are necessary for authentic community.
  5. Individuality and interpersonal respect.
    • While each member is part of the group, each person’s unique personality, gifts, passions, and experience help minister to others and strengthen their faith. Life Groups are a safe environment where every person is accepted and loved unconditionally regardless of differences in opinion or background.
  6. The vision of The Cause Church.
    • Life Groups are not their own “churches.” They are small groups connected to the vision, heart, and passion of The Cause.