2016 Ministry Report

An overview of God’s hand at work in and through the people of The Cause Church:

Salvations / Responses to Altar Calls

God working in the lives of men, women and children, prompting them to respond to Him at one of The Cause’s altar calls.








Water Baptisms

Baptism is a public declaration of faith, a burial of your old life (before you met Christ) and a resurrection to your new life with Christ, and a critical step of obedience. We are excited about the 81 people who took this step and will continue seeing more make that decision.


If you are interested in being water baptized, attend Class 1 of Next Steps, or contact Judy (judy@thecause.cc or 714.255.0930 x110).

Attendance Stats

Each number reflects a person – child, youth or adult – and each person is on a journey. Our heart is to help people connect to God and grow closer to Him as they journey with us.








(Yes, we know it doesn’t add up, but we had weekends with additional services that are added into the total)

Kids Attendance:


Average for 3 Weekend Services, including adult volunteers.

Youth Attendance:


Average for Sunday 11am Service of all junior high and high school students (not including adult volunteers)



Visitors who turned in an info card

Small Group Stats

At The Cause, we don’t just want to attend church – we want to share life together. As you develop genuine friendships with other believers, you experience growth and victory in your relationship with Jesus. Not only are you ministered to and cared for on a personal basis, but God uses your life experiences, personal testimony, and gifts and abilities to love and minister to others.


People connected to small groups.

Life Groups:


Average amount of adults in Life Groups.

Connect Groups:


Number of adults in Connect Groups.



D-Group (Youth Ministry Small Groups) average attendance

Discipleship Stats

At The Cause, we want to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ. We read the bible, pray, are a good steward, and share our faith with others.

NEXT Steps:


Number of people who began NEXT Steps.

Grow Classes:


Class attendance.

Online Engagement

We understand that it can be hard to make it to church, so we believe in using the available technology to spread God’s Good News to all.

New YouTube Subscribers:


Weekend Service views:


Live Streaming (per service)

January• Jan. 4-13: 10 Days of Prayer and Fasting.
• Jan. 29: UNITED Volunteer Celebration with 272 in attendance.
• Jan. 30-31: 11 Year Anniversary Weekend.
February• Feb. 25-28: Equip Conference (“Encounter”) with Pastors Bob and Sherry Reeve, Christine Caine, John Gray, Andrew Kubala, and Matthew Barnett. 694 paid delegates (including children and youth) in attendance, including 43 pastors/ministry leaders from 20 churches. A $70,000+ offering is taken for the Dream Center to establish a new floor to serve Veterans.
March• March 25-27: Easter weekend. 6am Good Friday Prayer Hike, 7pm Good Friday Service, Saturday 5pm & 7pm Services w/ “GLOW” Hunt for kids, Sunday 6:30am, 9am & 11am Services. 3,087 people in attendance. 149 decisions for the Lord (89 kids and 59 adults).
April• April 3-5: The MVMT Youth Ministry Spring Break Camp. 45 students and 10 Youth Leaders in attendance.
• April 30: Mother, Daughter, Friend Breakfast. 373 women and 52 girls in attendance.
May• May 15: Chris August concert put on by Celebrate Recovery. 390 in attendance and 31 decisions for Christ.
• May 28-29: Grad Sunday weekend. Pastors Hermi and Joel team preach with Pastor Bob. 1,234 in attendance. 10 teenagers and 14 kids baptized.
June• June 10-12: 1:8T Mexico Impact Trip. $7,000 donated to a building project for an orphanage.
• June 12-13: Internship Ministry for 2015-16 concludes with 16 interns graduating.
• June 18-19: NFL Hall of Famer, Jackie Slater, preaches at Father’s Day weekend services.
• June 19-27: 1:8T Mission Trip to Cuba. 5 member team. An exploratory trip to examine ministry opportunities in Cuba through a partnership with a local church in Mayari, Cuba.
• June 25-26: Dr. Dave Martin speaks at weekend services and hosts his “Ultimate Life Seminar” on Sunday night with 168 in attendance.
July• July 3-11: 1:8T Mission Trip to Guatemala (“Hope of Life”). A youth/young adult team of 23 put on conference for over 200 young people, 40 young people gave their lives to Christ.
• July 4: 27 volunteers serve at Brea’s Country Fair, an important event for our city.
• July 13: Worship and Prayer Night with C3 Sydney Lead Intercessor Heidi Wysman.
• July 26-August 9: 1:8T Mission Trip to Malawi. 7 member team launches a Champions Club (1st on the continent of Africa!) as we partner with The Passion Center and their efforts.
• July 29: UNITED Volunteer Celebration with 212 in attendance. Pastor Bob introduces “Next Steps,” our new path for church connection and discipleship (spiritual growth).
August• Aug. 3: Worship and Prayer Night with Pastors Jabin Chavez and David Hall.
• Aug. 5-7: Youth Ministry Summer Camp. 98 students and 35 Youth Leaders in attendance. 40 students made decisions for the Lord and many were baptized with the Holy Spirit.
• Next Steps volunteers and leaders, including Connect Group Leaders and Next Step Guides, are recruited and trained. The curriculum for the four new classes (over 130 pages) is written.
September• Sep. 3-4: Pastor Freimut Haverkamp of Hillsong Germany speaks at weekend services.
• Sep. 4: Next Steps is launched with 106 in attendance at Step 1 (Class 1).
• Sep. 12: Internship Ministry for 2016-17 begins with 11 interns.
• Sep. 24-25: “Welcome to Church Party” (part of Next Steps) is introduced with 45 in attendance.
• Sep. 30-Oct. 2: Women’s Conference with Pastors Sherry Reeve, Caroline Barnett, and Kerri Weems. 369 women and 52 kids in attendance.
October• Oct. 8: Men’s Breakfast with Lucas Connell as guest speaker. 125 men in attendance and 5 decisions for Christ.
• Oct. 19: EXO Night for teenagers and young adults. Lucas Connell is the guest speaker. 292 in attendance, our largest youth/young adult event ever, and 38 decisions for Christ.
• Oct. 31: Kidz Block Party (KBP) has over 17,500 people in attendance, our best and largest KBP ever. 639 total volunteers, including 100 students from Southlands School.
November• Nov. 5-6: Former NY mob boss Michael Franzese speaks at weekend services, the weekend after KBP, with 1,405 in attendance (adults in Sanctuary) and 19 decisions for Christ.
• Nov. 19: Thanksgiving Outreach blessing 120 families with a Thanksgiving meal and bringing 10 guest families to the Saturday Night service.
December• Dec. 2: UNITED Volunteer Christmas Party with 233 in attendance.
• Christmas In Mexico (CIM) takes a team from The Cause of over 30 people and gives out gifts to 40 orphans and food and blankets to over 100 families.