What makes The Cause Church great?

1. We remind ourselves to live for something greater than ourselves…The Cause of Christ.
2. We understand that every person is deserving of genuine respect and God’s love.
3. We celebrate Heaven’s victories, stand steadfastly in the battle, get-up quickly after a stumble, and never look back!
4. We refuse to be pre-occupied with growing a big church; instead, we endeavor to grow big people.
5. We are not afraid to consider the contemporary but never at the expense of the timeless.
6. We reject the religious narrow-mindedness of some, while refusing to let culture pollute our freedom in Christ.
7. We commit to each person feeling loved just as they are, and touched by God every time we’re together.
8. We believe that love and truth are best expressed with two working hands as opposed to one talking mouth.
9. We admit that we are just a fraction of what God is doing in the world and in history, but we are going to do our best with what He has entrusted to us.
10. If we can only do one thing…we PRAY!