The Lord gave me five strategic words for us to embrace and employ as we head towards 2020.

I believe we are called to be excellent in each of these areas, prayerfully considering each truth and its implications for daily action.

The five words are:

* Health…we can choose to be a healthy church in every way.
* Life…Spirit fullness, joy, vibrancy is to radiate from us
* Beacon…the light of Jesus should shine through our actions.
* Expansion…to whom much is given, much is required.
* Durable…this church is resilient and anchored to the Rock.

When God brings revelation to senior leadership of a congregation, in reality He is speaking to every individual about what He sees for the future.  I am firmly convinced, that “as goes the church, so goes your life.”  The Cause will aggressively pursue and adopt these guiding words, and I encourage you to ask God to bring “health, life, expansion, durability, and a beacon of light to your life.”

Anytime the Lord reveals, He will resource His plans.  To be effectively equipped for Jesus to shine through us, we need to pursue daily intimacy with Him, and intercept the enemy’s strategies and plans to derail the Almighty’s work.

Let’s pray for one another, pursue God with passion, and serve Him with abandon.

Go For It!

Pastor Bob Reeve